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Their online resources have been excellent for lead generation and content for social media.
High recommendy for anyone that’s not very gifted in design and needs something smart for their business.

Jack Cherrington • Online Coach

ebooks & guides


We cover a huge variety when it comes to eBooks and guides, such as client welcome and check-in guides, example calorie days, workout plans and even incredibly detailed user guides for popular tools like MyFitnessPal (+ much more…). All in your very own brand colours and logo.



We split this category into infographics and engagement graphics. Our infographics cover 3 key topics in nutrition, training and lifestyle. Engagement graphics are predominantly Canva templates such as eBook mockups and Instagram story design to help you promote your new assets.

asset bundles


This is our latest category that aims to give you multiple assets in one bundle, meaning even better value for money. Unlike other single assets, most of the bundles will be brought to you in collaboration with industry experts and include a mix of eBooks, graphics and useful business tools.

how it works...

The Asset Academy is based on a credit system. You get 5 credits per month to spend how ever you like by simply browsing our huge range of done-for-you eBooks, Graphics and Bundles using the Graph.Fit dashboard. All assets will be tailored using your brand profile which include your logo, colours and social handles.

more about the assets...

All of our eBook are created in Canva by our in-house designers. They all come content-ready and can simply be plugged straight into your business, however the Canva files are available to you if you would like to make your own content tweaks and additions. Some eBooks come with free Canva access and some are charged extra.


asset academy dashboard

As an Asset Academy member, you will have access to your very own dashboard, making it super easy to place orders, track your orders and speak with your dedicated designer.

order tracking

Track your orders and receive live updates from your dedicated designer.

brand profile

Manage your brand profile, subscription and billing details all in one place.

direct messaging

Communicate with your dedicated designer using the direct messaging system.

academy network

Benefit from exclusive discounts with our partners and leading brands.

Getting Started


What's included?

get started today

£135p/m (+VAT)

Let us take care of your content and design while you continue to achieve incredible results with your clients…

5 credits per month

access to editable canva files

new assets every month

exclusive partner discounts

private facebook group

3 month non-cancellation period

Got a question?

we have the answers...

will I lose my credits if I don't use them?

Definitely not. Any remaining credits will simply roll over to the next month and your new credits will be added on to your account total.

how often do you add new assets?

We never stop creating! Our designers work continuously behind the scenes to add brand new assets to the dashboard every single month. We promise you will ALWAYS be spoilt for choice.

how much does each asset cost?

The majority of our assets are 1 credit each, meaning that in most cases you can get 5 incredibly valuable assets for your monthly credit allowance. You will occasionally come across an eBook that will cost 2 credits, but it will most definitely be worth it! We also have our asset bundles which can vary in cost, but again, it will be worth it and the bundle will already be saving you credits compared to ordering each asset individually. Winner!

where do you source the content from?

All content is created by our in-house, experienced coaches. Occasionally, we will also collaborate with other industry experts to create exclusive assets. Our Partners will be clearly stated on these assets when they are launched.

can I edit the asset content?

Some of our eBooks come with a free Canva file which will be provided when your order is ready. If your chosen asset doesn’t come with a free editable file, you can purchase this as an additional extra for 1 credit.

Note: All operational/process focussed eBooks come with a free Canva file to allow you to make your own changes and tailor the content to suit your personal requirements and processes. This includes assets like welcomes guides, check-in guides, promise documents etc.

Standard infographics comes in PNG format only which does not make them editable. Simply receive your branded graphics and post on social media. Done!

will I be tied into a long contract?

Absolutely not! Upon becoming an Asset Academy member, you will enter a 3-month non-cancellation period where you cannot cancel, however after the 3 month period is over, you can cancel at any time with no hard feelings. Simply click ‘Cancel’ in your subscription tab and that’s it.

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